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PaceMaker 1.34

PaceMaker 1.34

PaceMaker Publisher's Description

A 3D Skeletal Animation Tool


  • Animated .b3d model viewer with sequence playback functions.
  • Static mesh import - .b3d, .3ds, .x
  • Animated mesh import/export   - .b3d
  • Sequence extractor - Extracts animation sequences from baseframes and saves this info with the .b3d file. Pacemaker will generate a function to reload and recreate your sequences automatically when the model is loaded.
  • Create new animation frames using the inbuilt Sequence Creator Keyframer. Copy/ Paste whole/individual keyframes. Create Auto looping or One-Shot animations quickly as new sequences .  
  • Joint Creation and editing . Symmetrical joint movement and rotation
  • One Click creation of PaceMaker Skeleton automatically scaled to model with correct human proportions and precalbrated for procedural animation. Later versions of the PaceMaker Skeleton will contain  pre-made basic animation sequences that can be modified in the keyframer.
  • Vertex Assignment with vertex weighting, Assign single or multiple vertex to up to 4 joints. Weighting values auto-calculated. Autobind feature.
  • Physics-based IK Animation tool for  super- realistic and easy  posing of model. Multiple Anchor points. Anchor/Un-Anchor joints at will with a simple mouse click. Switch between free-form and IK at any time
  • RagDoll Editor and Testbed. Simple 'one-click' creation of RagDolls.Easy joint parameter entry.  All ragdoll information and parameter settings are saved to .b3d as custom nodes.
  • Real-Time Motion capture of Ragdoll simulation as keyframed animation for easy creation of death scenes, falls and impacts to any part of the body. Capture as Standard or "In Place" animation. Set Pose, forces and torque to any body part and record the result. Captured animation can then be tweaked in the keyframer. Allows you to produce  Mo-Cap quality animation with very little effort.
  • Real-Time motion capture of IK session. This is similar to the impact recording but without the "impact". You can pause/unpause the recording at any time to switch joints, anchor/unanchor or to change modes e.g. from Move to Rotate. Creating "idle" animations has never been easier !


Operating System - Windows 98/XP/2000 with DirectX 7.

Recommended Machine Spec- Intel P4 or AMD Athlon 2ghz or higher, 512mb RAM,DirectX 7 compatible 3d graphics card.

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